Super Bowl AXE Commercials


One of the famous male grooming product is Axe. Axe was introduced in the year 1983, and belongs to France and owned by Unilever. In some countries like United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand the used their trademark name as Lynx instead of the name Axe. The also came up with new variety of fragrances such as Marine, Spice, Musk and so on. Axe Bullet was introduced in the year 2009 and even Axe Shampoos also came into existence with different sizes and varieties.

In 2008 the company faced controversial issues like a 12 year old boy was admitted in the hospital because of spraying Axe. Super Bowl Commercials of Axe lastly displayed their advertisement in the Super Bowl Commercials of 2016.

AXE Commercials

2018 Super Bowl Commercials