‘Awesome’ Featuring Rebel Wilson – Amazon Echo Super Bowl 2018 Teaser

Hope you checked out the Amazon’s Big Game Day teaser featuring “Did Alexa Lose Her Voice” in that teaser founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos starred in.Now Amazon also released another teaser for the Super Bowl Commercial 2018 featuring Rebel Wilson and titled as “Awesome”.

In the commercial you can see “Pitch Perfect” Actress Rebel Wilson eagerly opening the box seems like that,she just received from the Amazon.Once she opened the box she takes out the note.After reading the note she reacts and calm down and takes out the headset.And there comes the twist…Yup…

The headset doesn’t have the earphone in the one side and she puts on the head and says”Oh Yeahhh, This is Awesome”. There ends the teaser and we have to wait till Super Bowl LII ,Feb 4,2018.

Rebel Wilson also twitted in her twitter page saying:

Of Course Amazon wants me.Who doesn’t?#Superbowl LII ad.

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