Avocados from Mexico Returns to 2018 Super Bowl for 4th Time

One of the special mexican avocado industry, healthy food continuing their effort to be a part of the Super Bowl LII Commercials on Feb 4, 2018. Yes you guessed it right Avacados from Mexico returns to the Super Bowl LII, 2018 for the fourth time.

Avocados from Mexico Ads

Last time during Super Bowl LI, 2017 Avocados from Mexico featured the commercial with the actor Jon Lovitz and the commercial was aired earlier in the first quarter of the Super Bowl LI. The advertisement was aired with the title #Avosecrets.

The Commercial highlighted about the GOOD FAT with the theme of Secret Society. And the Commercial was all about the Secret society revealing the secret of Avocados have GOOD FATS. During the Super Bowl 2016 the theme of Avocados from Mexico was named as Avocados From Space.