‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’ – Amazon Echo Super Bowl 2018

Amazon already released their teaser titled “Did Alexa Lose Her Voice” and it was featured by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. And they also released some series of teasers featured by Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins.

Now Amazon Echo released a Commercial for the Super Bowl LII Big game day where all the actors and stars put together in one Commercial and it is interesting too. As we saw before the same thing happens here about Alexa’s Voice.

The Commercial starts with “Alexa Loses her Voice” and Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos asking for the replacement of the Voice. There comes the total twist,Yupp…

Alexa’s voice replaced by the celebrities voice.

A guy asking Alexa for the recipe of the grilled cheese sandwich and Chef Gordon Ramsay replays in place of Alexa as, “You 32 years of age and you don’t know to make grilled cheese sandwich??” .On the other side one of the student asking Alexa “How far is the Mars?”and Cardi B replays, “I am not supposed to know and this guy wants to go to Mars Lol”.

Later in the dinner party a guy asking Alexa to “set the mood” and Rebel Wilson replays back that you are dirty. On the other side a man asks to play a country song and Cardi B sings her “Bodak Yellow”.

Finally a woman asks Alexa to call Brandon and Anthony Hopkins replays back that “Brandon is little tired and says, do let me know if i can help me with”. Thus these celebrities helps Alexa and Assist for the voice and the commercial of the Amazon Echo for the Super Bowl LII Big game day will air on Feb 4,2018 during the 4th Quarter of the Super Sunday. Let’s enjoy the Commercial of Amazon Echo 2018 during the Game Day.