Super Bowl AIRBNB Commercials


Airbnb is a homestay and vacation rental service based travel industry founded in January 2006, headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. It is available in 26 Languages globally and it is used by nearly 1,50,000,000 and employees in the airbnb are 3100 members. The company provides a short term rent of lodging including apartments, hostels, hotel rooms and even islands, resorts and so on. It has really a big list of lodging with 65,000 cities and in 191 countries. Airbnb can be searched through its own website or through mobile applications and registration is necessary to book a property. Once registered you can search with some filters like lodging type, dates, price and location.

Airbnb offers secondary insurance named as “Host guarantee. ”At the time of launching the insurance they covered unto US$50,000 and later on it was increased to US$1,000,000. Talking about Super bowl commercials of Airbnb of 2017 they purchased a 30 second time slot at the last minute which was kept surprised.

AIRBNB Commercials


Airbnb 2017 Super Bowl 51 “We Accept” TV Commercials

This hospitality service industry aired their Super Bowl Commercial on the Big Game Day 2017. Their ad came up with the #weaccept. The ad was featured as acceptance starts with all of us. The advertisement...

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