2018 “Stand By You” – Super Bowl Budweiser Commercial

Anheuser Busch company released their commercial for the big game day featuring Budweiser.Budweiser’s Commercials are always unique in their own way.This time Budweiser didn’t focus on their signature beer rather they focused on the Budweiser’s emergency drinking water.

In the commercial of 2018,Budweiser you can see they featured their own employees working in the Budweiser factory filling water in the cans of Budweiser and packing them for the victims of natural disasters.

In the background of the commercial you hear “Stand by Me” sung by Skylar Grey.The commercial and the tone of “Whenever you need us,We’ll stand by you” is really heart touching.The commercial ends up simply showing the Budweiser factory and with the text Texas,Florida,Puerto Rico and California.Watch the commercial which is going to be aired in the Super Bowl LII on Feb 4,Sunday 2018.