2018 Pringles WOW – SuperBowl Bill Hader Commercial

Pringles is making their first time entry into the Super Bowl with their commercial for the Big Game Day on Feb 4,2018.Pringles released their commercial which is going to air during the Second quarter of the Super Bowl LII,2018.

Pringles commercial starring Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader and the concept of the commercial is all about their “Flavor Stacking”.Such as Barbeque Pringles and Pizza Pringles and so that you can make Spicy Barbeque Pringles.

Checkout the Funny Pringles “Wow” commercial by Bill Hader where he enjoys the new flavors of the pringles.This commercial makes us to feel that ,I have to grab all those flavors of Pringles immediately….This is the feeling for everyone of us right!……So lets get the pringles and enjoy the commercial on the Super Bowl LII,2018.