In 2018 Groupon returns to the Super Bowl Game

Super Bowl Commercials are always special for everyone of us. We are getting ready for this Super Bowl Commercials 2018 and news are coming up about the commercials. Now Chicago based Groupon company announched that they are going to participate in the Super Bowl 2018.

Chief Marketing Officer Vinayak Hedge said “Super Bowl is one event that everyone participates and you can reach big audience and we are excited to show more than 110 million people watching the game just how easy and smart groupon is”.

Super Bowl Groupon 2018
Super Bowl Groupon 2018

Groupon lastly aired their commercial during the Super Bowl 2011 and it was starred by Timothy Hutton. In the commercial he said, “Mountain Tibet , one of the most beautiful place but people are in trouble even though they serve amazing fish curry and since 200 of us bought at Groupon. com and we are each getting $30 ofTibetan food for just $15. “So just Save the money.

It was the Groupon Super Bowl Commercial of 2011 and the commercial faced many negative critics. So lets wait and see how Groupon Commercial going to be this time in the Super Bowl 2018.