2018 Coinbase Super Bowl LII AD

Christmas is nearing and its just one week to go and we all are totally excited for the Christmas and New year celebration. New Year 2018 going to be an awesome year and along with the New Year our most loved game Super Bowl 2018 going to be on February 4, 2018. So then what comes to our mind???

Yes its Super Bowl Commercials 2018. Bitcoin that is Cryptocurrency released their commercial in the Youtube and also in other social media. The Commercial is really funny to watch.

The Coinbase Super Bowl Commercial 2018 is with their unique title as Making Millionaires since 2011. In the Commercial a guy in a Yacht boat or a ship dancing with full of joy and living the yacht life with the girls and partying. And at the end it says “The Dumbest Guy In High School Just Got A Boat” and he jump out of the boat. Its really funny right!. . . 🙂

At last the Commercial ends up saying Don’t get mad, Get invested, Get Coinbase. The Commercial is portrayed in a funny way but delivered their message correctly. This Super Bowl Commercial 2018 going to be on the Field on February Super Sunday 2018. Wait and watch for more Super Bowl Commercials 2018.