2017 Hyundai “A Better Super Bowl” Commercials

Hyundai really surprised everyone of us with their ad in Super Bowl 2017 because they came up with new idea to shoot for the ad just on the Big Game Day. Titled as “A Better Super Bowl” and the ad was really a best of the Hyundai and touched the heart of everyone of us.

Being an official sponsor of the Super Bowl LI made the ad with the US military. What was the ad is its all about conveying the message that “Watching the Super Bowl is amazing but Watching it with the ones you love is better”. In this ad they gathered soldiers watching the super bowl and making the introducing some of the soldiers who really miss their home and here twist of the ad and surprise of the ad happens. When the soldiers who could not go home and when hyundai bought the home and family for them and watching the game was really a superb idea and its much better Super Bowl.