2017 Febreze Super Bowl #BathroomBreak Commercial

This Odor eliminator brand of Procter & Gamble, Febreze aired their commercial during the Big Game Day on 2017. Febreze usage is must for all the house and keep away from bad odors from Bedroom, cars and Bathrooms.

Every family must have product is Febreze and they aired their commercial on the Super Bowl Sunday for 30 seconds during the second quarter of the Game. Febreze promoted their ad by telling how important the bathroom and the odor at that time of the Super Bowl.

Yes during the Game Day the parties and snacking. We hold the pee until the halftime whistle blows. So the halftime bathroom break and Febreze much more essential… woooop… Get ready for the halftime bathroom break… Yup its that theme of Febreze commercial watch and get ready….