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Super Bowl Commercials 2001

Super Bowl XXXV of NFL was played on January 28, 2001. Florida was the location were Super Bowl XXXV happened and the stadium that hosted the Super Bowl XXXV was Raymond James Stadium, Tampa. The teams played the game are Baltimore Ravens of (AFC) and New York Giants of (NFC). Baltimore Ravens defeated New York Giants by the score of 34-7.

The National Anthem was played by Backstreet Boys. The game was broadcasted by CBS network in the United States. Cost of the 30 seconds Commercial was $2. 1 million in the Super Bowl XXXV. MTV produced the Halftime show and featured by Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly, Mary J. Blige. They performed for the songs like "Jaded", "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me".

Some of the Commercials of the Super Bowl in the year of 2001 are Volkswagen Jetta titled as Wedding-AKA the Big day, Snickers Cruncher-Dolls, Accenture-Test Drive, Doritos, Mountain Dew titled as Spaceship aka Alien Abduction, Pepsi, Ford Ranger featuring Pizza Guy are few of the Super Bowl Commercials XXXV.


Super Bowl Halftime Show 2001

Halftime Show of the Super Bowl XXXV was performed at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida on January 28,2001. The show was done by...

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