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Super Bowl Commercials 1993

Super Bowl XXVII of National Football Championship League was played on January 31, 1993. The Location were Super Bowl XXVII was happened to be played on California. The stadium that hosted the Super Bowl during the year of 1993 was Rose Bowl, Pasadena. The game was played between Buffalo Bills of (AFC) and Dallas Cowboys of (NFC). The Winning team was Dallas Cowboys. Dallas Cowboys crushed the Buffalo Bills by the score of 52-17. Nearly 98, 374 people attended the Super Bowl XXVII and watched the game in the stadium.

The National Anthem was played by Garth Brooks. The game was broadcasted in the United States by NBC networks. Half Time Show of the Super Bowl XXVII took it to the next level which attracted more viewers and interest because it was played by Micheal Jackson. Micheal Jackson's performance sparked a trend in NFL's and made to focus on hiring famous artists and celebrities. Some of the Commercials aired through the super bowl XXVII was McDonald's, Budweiser, Honda, Nike, Pepsi, Birtish Airways, 7up, Reebok, Subway, Toyota and so on.


Super Bowl Halftime Show 1993

Halftime show of the Super Bowl XXVII took place at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California. The show was headlined by Micheal Jackson and he...

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